Local Painting Company Can Repaint Your Business While Employees Work from Home

These are unprecedented circumstances the world is dealing with now. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many businesses to change daily operations. Working from home is one change that has been implemented due to the pandemic. For business owners, this can be challenging; however, it does allow for some maintenance issues to finally be addressed.

The obvious is that all commercial buildings and properties will have to be cleaned thoroughly before employees return to their respective offices.  Time away from the cubicles also gives business owners a chance to improve the appearance of the workplace. Why not give employees a change of environment with a new coat of paint? 

Benefits of Painting Workspaces While Employees Work from Home

empty office

Many commercial buildings are empty now. This is the perfect time to update the office space with a fresh look. While the bulk of workers are at home handling work duties, the paint job can get done efficiently. 

Since there is no downtime to worry about, the time to paint a commercial building will not hurt the bottom line. Other advantages of repainting an office include during this period:

  • Professional painters have more space to work in.
  • Employees working from home will not have to inhale paint fumes.
  • Less disruption to the painters 
  • No interruptions to employees’ daily work operations
  • Paint project can be completed in less time
  • Improve the business image and change customer’s perception

A professional painting company like The Painting Pros will assign the necessary amount of painters to complete the project much faster while an office is not at full capacity.  Painting contractors can also guide business owners and facility managers in choosing paint colors. High-quality paint products will be used along with the proper painting technique to ensure a long-lasting finish. Employees can still be notified of the changes being made while working from home.

An added benefit is improved employee morale and productivity. Studies show that employees are directly influenced by their visual surroundings. There is value in having a clean and relaxing office space. A new coat of paint will add much-needed energy when employees return to a more normal work environment.  

Signs that a Commercial Building Needs Repainting

painting exterior

Exterior surfaces take a beating from the weather.  The heat, rain, and snow all contribute to the deterioration of the once beautiful appearance of your commercial building. Interior surfaces also need to be maintained. The wear and tear on the walls lead to an unattractive atmosphere. These signs will tell you it’s time to revamp the look of your business.

Rotting occurs when fungus from moisture grows underneath the walls. 

Cracked paint will eventually peel off and leave walls exposed if not repaired.

Bubbling paint appears when pockets of air underneath create bubbles on the surface. This could also be a sign of water damage.

Chalking appears as a fine white powder that rubs off easily. Chalking degrades the protection paint provides to a surface. It also causes paint colors to fade.

Water Stains. When water stains appear excessive moisture is the culprit. If not repaired promptly, mold and mildew will soon appear which can cause health problems in the workplace.

If a fresh look is long overdue, hire the professionals to apply a new coat of paint to the exterior and interior of any commercial building. Employees and customers will greatly appreciate it.

About The Painting Pros

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